21 June 2020

Times Tables Rock Stars is an app designed to help you learn you times tables in a fun way. You can play individually or against other children. In the past, Times Tables Rock Stars have held huge tournaments where schools compete against each other.

Times Tables are a massive part of Maths, they are in everything, they are everywhere. Knowing you Times Tables is so very important:

  • Times Tables are the building blocks of Maths;
  • They make Maths so much easier;
  • Knowing you times tables facts allows you to quickly solve arithmetic questions;
  • Keep you on track (allows you to remain focused);
  • They help you notice patterns in numbers.

Check out the KS2 Times Table Rock Stars Video that will help you get started.


Remember if you have any problems with you username or password contact Mrs Brunskill - class5B@springhill.lancs.sch.uk. Remember to include your full name and you class then it is easier to find you in the system.

Posted by Michelle Brunskill on 21 June 2020