17 May 2020

Man on the Moon

(A Day in the Life of Bob)!


Week 2, Year1.
         We are continuing to think about ‘A Different World’ following the Corona Virus pandemic. What do you think will happen?
   This week, to continue our theme, we are going to finish reading the story ‘Man On the Moon (A day in the life of Bob) by Simon Bartram. You can see your teacher reading this on the school website.
     Once you have listened to the story can you think of what it must be like on the Moon? Can you describe what you can see, touch and hear on the moon? Write down your descriptions using the best describing words you can such as dusty, hard, rocky, cold, silent, bright, shiny etc….

     Now can you tell me what shape the Moon is….yes it’s a sphere! What other solid shapes can you think of? Can you draw and label some solid shape objects eg. A box of cereal is a cuboid, a toilet roll is a cylinder.

What do you think you will need to survive on the Moon, what do you think you would need to take with you? Can you write a list? Here are a few examples….
*A packed lunch
*A space suit……………what else can you think of?

Finally….have you been doing your daily exercise? How about trying some of these things?
Practise your yoga moves…
down dog
balancing on one leg
forward fold
swan dive
And don’t forget to go for your daily walk!
Hope to see you all soon!

       Please submit work by Friday 22nd May 2020 and remember to ….STAY ALERT!


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