5 July 2020

Spar Lancashire School Games Holiday at Home Programme


Active Lancashire & Lancashire County Council have produced The Lancashire Stay at Home Programme which is made up of four elements. Move, play, learn & challenge aimed at getting children to complete 60 minutes of activity a day whilst practicing activity skills

There are 2 different programmes

Year 1 & 2


Years 3 to 6.

Year 1-2 The learn and challenge will focus on bouncing, and there is also a great gymnastics sequence card for young people to try.

Click Here for year-1-2-spar-lancashire-school-games-activity-timetable Week 10

Year 3-6 Learn is physical tetris and the challenge is an amalgamation of the previous 9 weeks and John Farnworth challenges. 

Click Here for year-3-6-spar-lancashire-school-games-activity-timetable Week 10

Lancashire Games Stay at Home Programme


Spar Lancashire School Games Early Years Resources


Children are born ready and eager to learn. Physical development is one of the key areas of the early years foundation stage and is used to develop a child’s movement, handling of objects, understanding of their own body and health and levels of self-care.

The recommended amount of physical activity for children under 5 is 180 minutes a day and should include opportunities for children to participate in active play, learn movements skills so they can master ways of controlling their bodies and coordinating their movements

For more information on physical activity and the benefits for children Under 5 click here; Physical activity and Movement Guidelines


Lancashire’s 5 fundamental movement skills for Under 5’s!




Posted by Michelle Davies on 5 July 2020