10 May 2020


You will find a new reading task on PurpleMash everyday. You can login here. Once you have logged in, go to your 2Do section and you will find your reading and a task. Once you complete it it will automatically save.


Everyday there will be a short writing task that can also be found on PurpleMash. 


Please watch the video and complete the tasks. Send any photos or screen shots of work back to class5B@springhill.lancs.sch.uk or class5H@springhill.lancs.sch.uk depending what class you are in. Please remember to put your name and the date on it.

An Introduction To Translation

Describing Translations

Describing position and co-ordinates

Describing position after translation 1

Describing position after translation 2

Please keep practising your time tables using Maths Shed and keep logging in to SumDog to reinforce your Maths learning.

If you have any problems with your PurpleMash, SumDog or Spelling Shed logins, please email class5B@springhill.lancs.sch.uk.


This weeks spelling are available on Spelling Shed and we do check to see how many you get correct. 


As you know our theme this term is A Different World.

We are thinking of what the world will be like after this pandemic is over.

Reflecting on this thought, we can’t help but wonder what the world would have been like if WW2 would have had a different outcome. We are grateful that it didn’t!

Every year, we show our thanks to those who gave their lives and sacrificed so much to give us the world we knew.

Friday the 8th May marked one of the most important dates in British history and the official end of WW2. Who knows what world we would have grown up in if the Allied forces weren’t victorious? It would have been very different! To find more information on VE Day follow the links.

KS1 VE link

KS 2 VE link

BBC Video

Throughout the theme we are thinking of who we are reliant on? Who do we depend on to keep us safe?


Let’s pause and think about that for a moment …Reflect on who keeps us safe? Who goes above and beyond for us?

Ask yourselves and take note of why we are grateful to them?

What do they give up for us to have the life we have?

Think of all those soldiers who never came home, who lie sleeping in graves in a foreign land.

What do you think this teaches us?

Can we relate this to the NHS and our current crisis?

What are they giving up for us?

What are they risking?

Ask yourself what would you risk?

Are there people openly and willingly walking into danger to help us?

Imagine you are a soldier, arriving home from the horrors of war. What advice would you give to the future? What would you say to help us through this unusual time? What would you say to those fighting a new and unseen enemy that is COVID19?

Think about what you would want to be told. How will this influence your advice?

During the war, propaganda posters were used to motivate people.

Image result for ww2 propaganda posters  Image result for ww2 propaganda posters

Your task is to create a propaganda poster to display your message.

Some messages I like are;

Kindness will keep us together;

Thanks for helping out by staying in;

Be a good neighbour;

Together we can beat it;

Stay strong.

Please email your work back to class5H@springhill.lancs.sch.uk.

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