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I am a musician and educator and since the majority of children started being home schooled I have been making these free music lessons on YouTube. The idea is that even though school is closed, children should still have access to making music at home. I'm still going into schools at the moment delivering music education and fun for vulnerable children and children of key workers and I think it's vital that we all have some music in our lives - it's one of the things that define us as human.

Making Music 9 - Timbre

Today we explore the different sounds that instruments make. Try to describe what you hear through pictures, symbols or words. You'll need a pencil and some paper for this one!

Making Music 8 - The Seb the Dog Song

It's sing-along time!!! Our family wrote a song all about our dog, Seb. He's a 13 year old chocolate Lab who sleeps too much and smells a bit, but is the best friend you could ask for. Join us in singing the chorus or have a go at the whole song if you can. Do you have a pet at home that deserves a song to be written about them?

The Wizard Who Hated Music

Steven Brown

Our next Spot On Story is part storytime part music lesson! No Instruments required, this Tuesday at 3pm with Steven Brown and Lancashire Libraries!

'The Wizard Who Hated Music'

There once was a wizard. A very grumpy wizard who hated music. A wizard who didn’t just want a little peace and quiet, he wanted SILENCE, and one day he decided to do something about it. With a wave of his wand, WOOSH, all the instruments in the land disappeared!

Join Steven as he leads us on a musical adventure to use our voice, body percussion and the objects around us to create a musical soundtrack to lift our spirits and beat that Wizard. After all, music can be the most powerful magic there is.

This is a workshop for all the family, so join in and try out fun musical approaches without the need for musical instruments.

Making Music 7 VE Day Special

I've had some requests to post something for VE Day this week. Here you go...

Making Music 6 Graphic Scores

In today’s Making Music episode there are not one but two (yes two!) music games for you to play.  

First we start off with a rhythm game called Don’t Clap This One Back, then we try the Graphic Score Quiz! Have you got what it takes?

You can have a go at creating your own versions of these games at home!

Do email me at if you have any suggestions or feedback about Making Music. Thanks!

Mr Brown

Making Music 5 Duration

This Making Music has monsters galore! We are learning about long note & short notes by doing the Monster March.

Only brave souls may enter here! Today we are learning about duration by doing The Monster March. There will be semibreves, minims, crotchets and quavers. There will be dodgy make up. There will be lots of noise at your house. Enjoy!

Making Music 4 - Pitch

In this video we explore different pitch notes, instruments that play different pitches and you can have a go at singing different pitches. Remember, I'm not after professional singers, just have some fun and give it a go!

Making Music 3 - Dynamics

Today's video is all about Dynamics in music. Learn some fancy musical words, join in with the music. Making Music is all about having some fun whilst learning along the way!

Making Music 2 - Mini Beast March

Hey there folks! Welcome to another episode of Making Music. This time were learning more about rhythm through the use of slugs, spiders and caterpillars. 

Some of the rhythms may be a bit tricky so do feel free to Pause And Practice. No musician got to be any good without practice so don't worry if you don't get it perfect straight away

Mr Brown Making Music 1

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