The school library provides the pupils, parents and staff with a variety of books to borrow and enjoy.  We have fiction and non-fiction sections for Key stage 1 and Key stage 2 children.  In addition to this we’ve recently opened another area providing the opportunity for parents to browse and choose a book to read at home. 

In the library team we have Miss. Atherton, Miss Rigby and Mrs. Banister.  We are also very fortunate to have plenty of volunteers to be the library monitors.  Thank you to last years monitors, Hamerah and Aleena who did a marvellous job keeping the library tidy and helping out. 

Each class can visit the library on a weekly basis, which is encouraged because reading is so important.

On Wednesday afternoons straight after school the children and parents can visit the library to choose a book to take home. This is quite well attended but there is plenty of room left for more so please do come and join us.

Every term there is a competition which any of the children can enter.  I am pleased to say that usually there is a wonderful response and we have been very impressed with many of our entrant’s efforts.

Let’s hope that in this school year the library will flourish, being well attended both during school hours and during the after school sessions on Wednesdays.

Happy reading everyone!