Headteacher - Mr Tonge

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Jones

Inclusion Leader / SENCO - Mr Blower

Mrs Roberts and Miss Clayton are the school secretaries and Miss Ali is the school Business Manager.

If you need any help or information about the school please ring (see the contacts page) or call in school and they will be pleased to help you.

Classroom Staff

Teaching Assistants

Classroom Teachers

FEB Miss Brown

FLP Miss LePage
1F Mrs Freeman
1R Mrs Walmsley
2W Miss Wright
2R Mrs Robinson
3W Miss Wrightson
3A Mrs Adams
4G Mrs Greenhough
4S Mr Scholes
5H Miss Harwood 
5B Mrs Brunskill
6T Mr Tracey
6H Mrs Hornby
Supporting Teachers

Mrs Kendall

Mrs Bicknell

Mrs Williams

Mrs Kay

Mr Brown


Site Supervisor
Mr Barrass
Cleaning Staff
Mrs McShane

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Zaman

Miss Ali

Mrs Bi

Mrs McShane

Mrs Fazal

Mrs Ashraf

Mrs Kauser

Mrs Abid

Mrs Rooi


Gardener - Mr Kerr

Mrs Alam
Mrs Barrass
Mrs Battle
Mrs Grasso

Miss Fisher
Mrs Byrom
Mrs Khan
Mrs Kennedy

Ms Benson

Mrs Clarke
Mrs Nawaz

Mrs Naaz
Mrs Riley

Mrs Rigby
Mrs Saeed

Miss Atherton

Ms Davies

Miss Davies

Mr Amin

Mrs Archer

Miss Spooner

Mrs Holdroyd

Mr Iqbal

Mrs Cristoforo

Mrs Akthar

Mrs Zaman

Mrs Zaman

Mrs Naaz

Pupil Mentor
Mrs Kay