Our Chair of Governors is Dr Nadia Shah who can be contacted care of the school.

Our school governors make collective decisions as part of the governing body whose primary function is to help raise the educational standards and performance of a school by supporting the work of the Headteacher and staff. The governors make important decisions on how the school is run. Our governing body is answerable to our parents and the wider community.

Some of the things expected of governors include:

  • Promoting high standards of achievement
  • Planning the school's long-term future
  • Overseeing the school's aims, values and ethos
  • Setting performance measurement indicators & targets
  • Monitoring the performance of the school against those standards
  • Acting as a critical friend to the Headteacher
  • Budgetary allocation and control
  • Appointing senior staff

Spring Hill governors, like all others,  govern rather than manage. They are there to give direction and focus by performing a vital strategic role. The management of a school is the responsibility of the Headteacher.

Our school needs more Governors immediately. Are you interested?

This web link will tell you more about how to become a Governor

Here are some extracts from the web site

Become a school governor - There are lots of ways in which you can donate expertise to your child's school, but one of the most important and responsible - and let's face it, one which involves the greatest commitment - is becoming a governor.

What do school governors do? - School governors are a team of people who work closely with the head teacher to make key decisions vital to the successful running of the school. The governors appoint the head teacher and make decisions that directly affect the education and well-being of the children. They play an important role in improving standards throughout the school and agree the school's budget. In other words, it's a very meaningful role!

Please declare your interest to the School Office