Dear Parents,

As you are aware our school was visited at the beginning of the month by inspectors from Ofsted who looked at the work of the school.

They looked at every aspect of the school's work over 2 days.

As you know we are always trying to get better and better. This inspection report will show you that this is the case. We have been given a Grade of 2 for all aspects which means that all aspects of Spring Hill school are deemed to be GOOD.

We are especially proud of the opening comment:
This is a good school.

  • The school is a happy community, where learning and good behaviour are valued,
  • and pupils, whatever their abilities or needs are made to feel welcome.

Your children also gave a good account of themselves, and although we know children are not well behaved for every minute of every day the inspectors recognised that behaviour is good in school and misbehaviour is dealt with appropriately - they were especially impressed by the children's good manners, kindness and helpfulness.

  • Pupil's behaviour is good. They get on well together and support each other in lessons.
  • They are spontaneously polite and helpful. Pupils feel safe and well looked after in school.

We are as always very proud of our school, our pupils and our families.

I am sure that you will be as delighted with this report as we are.

The school has now been given the recognition that we have long deserved. We will continue to work hard so that we can be even better

Thank you children, staff, parents, Governors and friends who have been part of this journey over many years.

S.E Grimshaw
(very proud) Headteacher.

OFSTED Report 2014

Click here to view our report on the OFSTED website