Dear Parents / Carers,

Spring Hill is an ‘I CAN’ school and we always try our best.

Parents and staff are working hard together to help our children to achieve their best. To maintain high standards and expectations we have produced a contract.

We will all sign to agree to our part in making the education at Spring Hill school the best we can.

The contract will outline:

What parents / carers and children may reasonably expect from the school.

What the school may reasonably expect from it’s parents / carers and pupils.

Home school agreement signed by: Parent Pupil Head teacher Class teacher


As staff at Spring Hill, We will help your child to do their best by:

Providing the highest possible standard of education for your child through a safe and balanced curriculum, with opportunities to develop interests outside the curriculum.

Encouraging praising, and rewarding your child meeting expectations and for behaviour which shows respect and does not cause harm to him / herself, others or the school.

Rewarding good attendance and punctuality.

Using newsletters and notices to keep you informed about school activities and the topics your child will be learning about.

Providing a safe secure environment in which your child is happy as he / she learns and develops.

Contacting you if we have any concerns.

As parent(s) of a child at Spring Hill I / we can:

Work with the school to help my child make as much progress as possible and value his / her achievements.

Ensure that my child attends school every day on time, clean, tidy, and appropriately dressed in school uniform with sensibly styled hair, nourished and having had enough sleep.

Encourage my child to have a positive attitude to towards school and learning and behave well.

Actively support the school in its work to educate my child, including the support for educational visits for my child.

Attend school events, workshops and parents’ evenings to discuss my child’s progress.

Encourage my child uphold the school values and show respect for him / herself, for others and the school.

Make the school aware of anything that might affect my child’s work or behaviour.

Contact you if we have any concerns.

As a Spring Hill pupil I can:

Come to school every day and on time.

Achieve. Listen. Share ideas. Keep safe. Be honest. Be kind. Respect others.


We hope you find this agreement clear and helpful. If you have any suggestions to develop it further, please contact us.