Head Teacher's Welcome Message

A warm welcome to our 'Parent Information' on the school’s website.

In this section of the website there is access to all the information that you may need as a parent or carer. If you unable to find information you need, please phone or email the school office; details are on the contact us page.

I am privileged to be able to lead the school as Acting Headteacher as the Governors of the school recruit a new Headteacher who will take the school into the next chapter of its history.

I previously worked at the school in 2012 on a term’s secondment under the long serving headteacher Mrs Grimshaw so have fond memories of the school and the community from that time.

The school team and myself are absolutely committed to providing the best possible education for your children despite the restrictions that we have put into place to keep everyone safe.

Children receive a good education at the school, one that focuses on the core subjects of English and Maths but also gives equal importance to the teaching of science, music, art, PE and the many other the national curriculum subjects. Specialist teachers and facilities help provide the best education for the children. The website has lots of information about the school for you to read and watch.

Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome that I have received and I look forwards to working with everyone this term.

Yours sincerely,

Mr G. Ellis