Our Vision

A truly shared vision that has been developed with pupils, staff, parents, governors and the community to benefit not only those of us that are directly associated with the school but to benefit the wider community.

Spring Hill is a welcoming, inclusive school, where everyone is valued in a safe, happy and healthy environment. Our school is a place of excellence, where learners thrive and succeed within a positive ‘can-do’ culture. We empower learners with the confidence to be independent and instil in them ambition and a life-long love of learning. As the learning hub of our diverse community, we welcome all members on our learning journey.

We are committed to equipping our children with the knowledge and skills to enable them to contribute as positive and successful citizens in the local, national and global community. Collectively, we firmly believe that: respect, honesty, loyalty, equality, fairness, hard work, perseverance, commitment, co-operation and professionalism should be lived out by each and every member of our school community.

The vision is supported by

Our School Ethos and Values

All aspects of our school life are underpinned by the "Education for All" policy advocated by the Government several years ago.  This promotes an inclusive rather than exclusive outlook. Children are encouraged to participate in activities irrespective of race, religion, gender or ability. To enable children to do this we look carefully at the opportunities offered in school to ensure that we can fulfil our aim, within and beyond the National Curriculum.
We have high expectations of the children in terms of academic achievement, social development, standards of behaviour and conduct.


Children's abilities vary considerably.  Every teacher in the school aims to discover each child's potential and to help them to exceed it.  Children's work is differentiated to meet their varying needs and to set them challenging targets.


This is a high priority at Spring Hill.  We teach and encourage children to care, to co-operate and to be considerate as essential life skills.


We have one golden rule which is DO NOT DO ANYTHING WHICH WILL HARM YOURSELF, OTHER PEOPLE OR THE SCHOOL. We teach children acceptable codes of conduct and encourage mutual and self respect.
If children have difficulty maintaining an acceptable standard of behaviour then there are set sanctions.  If there is a serious incident or if a pupil consistently misbehaves, parents will be asked to work with the school to support the pupil in improving their behaviour.


"Care,   Consideration,   Co-Operation and Accomplishment"