Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

School SENDCo: Mr Blower

For those children with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) we deliver our Core Offer to them across all curriculum areas. The link below describes our Core Offer.

SEN at Spring Hill Primary School

Intervention and Learning Support

Speech and Language Therapy 

At Spring Hill CP School we are assisted by NHS Speech and Language Therapists that assess and then provide support plans for some of our children in school.  These support plans are then delivered in school by teachers and teaching assistants as either an extra intervention or to scaffold pupils learning during whole class lessons.

As well as the support from NHS Speech Therapy from November 2017 we have employed Shanaz Khan from Oakleigh Speech Clinic (http://oakleighspeechclinic.co.uk/) who is assisting us in assessing children and providing individual care plans for children at Spring Hill CP School.

She provides support for a wide variety of speech and language related areas. Shanaz Khan will often carry out her own assessments of pupils to determine how she might be able to provide support.  Some of her groups provide support to improve confidence or social skills. Other groups are working on increasing vocabulary, memory strategies or skills needed for story telling.  

Literacy and Numeracy Interventions

Five Minute Box and Number Box

The Five Minute Box and The Number Box are proven multi-sensory systems for teaching early literacy and numeracy skills and assessing children for potential learning difficulties.  These are used with small groups of children for 20mins sessions up to five times a week.

IDL Cloud    https://www.idlcloud.co.uk/#method

IDL Literacy (Indirect Dyslexia Learning) is a cloud based intervention software that has been specifically designed for pupils with dyslexia and dyslexic type tendencies.  IDL cloud has also reported a significant improvement in the literacy skills of pupils with Meares Irlen Syndrome, autism, amongst EAL learners and those who are struggling with Literacy in general. IDL is easy to use for pupils and teachers, provides structured sequential learning with a multi-sensory approach, and encourages pupils to become independent learners.

IDL Cloud is used across the school from KS1 to KS2 to boost levels of literacy.  Some children are beginning to use this at home which is proving successful.  If a pupil accesses IDL Cloud 2 hours a week for 3 months on average a pupil will make 10 months progression in their spelling and reading.  

Social engagement

At Spring Hill CP School Liz Kay is the schools Learning Mentor who monitors and provides structured programs for social and emotional well-being for children and families.  

Rainbows http://www.rainbowsgb.org/about-us

Is an after school program that provides emotional support for pupil who have experienced loss or bereavement.  This program is ran after school once a week by teachers and support staff supporting children across the whole of the school.

Sporting NRG    https://www.sportingnrg.com/

Sporting NRG is an outside provider that is helping Spring Hill CP School develop our community gardening project and develop pupil confidence and social skills.  NRG currently work with a two groups of eight children in year 3 on social skills and confidence through a gardening project and outdoor pursuit activities such as canoeing and rock climbing.  Throughout the year Sporting NRG are available to work with targeted groups or individuals to provide team working and social activities.

Individual Learning Plan ILP

Pupils who are having difficulties within a certain subjects or emotional well-being will be given an ILP this will provide a specific target for children to achieve over a short period of time.  Extra time and support is offered for pupils with ILP’s depending on their needs.  These are monitored during termly pupil progress meetings.

Children Operating in P Scales and significantly well below 

It needs to be remembered that children learn at different rates and speed and that this varies at different times in their lives. Children who are operating significantly well below will be assessed and tracked against local and national expectations using PIVATs.

For children who are operating significantly below and on P Scales every effort is made for pupils to remain in class and work alongside their peers.  

Although it is often needed for some children who are operating well below to have access to different types of curriculum compared to their peers and this may mean they will be working on a one to one or in small groups outside their classroom.

Curriculum and Learning

Equals Curriculum    http://equals.co.uk/schemes-of-work-for-the-national-curriculum/

The Equals Curriculum is to be used by class teachers for pupils who are operating in P scales.  These medium term plans are to be used to help the planning for lessons.  It does not have to be followed directly but it is used to give ideas and support to the class teacher and teaching assistants.  

Support for teachers

The class teacher is responsible for every child in class and will differentiate the work for children who are working below age related expectations.  The class teacher will be supported by the SENCo and specialist teachers when necessary to provide a curriculum that meets the needs of all the children at Spring Hill CP School.

English as an Additional Language EAL

At Spring Hill CP school we recognize and admire families who have moved to another country and are taking on the challenge of learning a new language.  For most of our learners EAL is a significant factor in the progress of the pupils at Spring Hill CP School.

Racing to English http://www.racingtoenglish.co.uk/about.html 

Racing to English is a structured program that class teachers will use.  The Racing to English resources help learners new to English to learn words and phrases that are needed in school and family life.  EAL children will receive additional support when needed depending on their need. The organized interaction activities can be used for all children and promote discussion and subject language that is needed to make progress against the national curriculum.

The Lancashire SEND Local Offer

The Lancashire SEND Local Offer outlines all the support available for children.  It can be viewed by following the link to the Lancashire website. https://www.lancashire.gov.uk/children-education-families/special-educational-needs-and-disabilities/about-lancashires-local-offer/

The Local Offer Facebook page

This page provides lots of up-to-date information on the Lancashire SEND Local Offer.


The Lancashire SEND Partnership

The Lancashire SEND Partnership is website that bring together links for all the services that provide support for children with SEND and their parents.