20 June 2020


You will find a new reading task on PurpleMash everyday. You can login here. Once you have logged in, go to your 2Do section and you will find your reading and a task. Once you complete it it will automatically save.


Everyday there will be a short writing task that can also be found on PurpleMash. Remember to include your relative clauses that you practised in the Home Learning Video.


This week we will be consolidating work we have already done on fractions. Watch the videos in the Home Learning Section. Below you will find worksheets sheets and steps to success for each activity.Remember to start with the section you feel more comfortable with. I have also include some aids to help you with place value and times tables - feel free to use them. Remember to send any photos or screen shots of work back to class5B@springhill.lancs.sch.uk or class5H@springhill.lancs.sch.uk depending what class you are in. Please remember to put your name and the date on it.

Year 5 Home Learning w/c 22nd June MATHS

Please keep practising your time tables using Times Table Rock Stars and Maths Shed and keep logging in to SumDog to reinforce your Maths learning.

If you have any problems with your PurpleMash, Times Table Rock Stars, SumDog or Spelling Shed logins, please email class5B@springhill.lancs.sch.uk.


This weeks spelling are available on Spelling Shed and we do check to see how many you get correct. 


As you know our theme this term is A Different World.

Over the last few weeks we have been planning a celebration for those we want to thank.

Moving forward from this, I would like you to write about your first day back at school.

When do you think it might be?

What did you expect?

Who did you want to see?

What were you looking forward to doing?

Who were you reliant on? Who helped you through the day?

Remember to include the relative clauses you have been practising.

YEAR 5 Home Learning w/c 22nd June ENGLISH

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