Welcome to Year 6

Our happy team consists of:

Miss. Harwood

Mr. Tracey

Mrs. Riley

Miss. Atherton

Miss. Rigby

Mrs. Jones


We are all really busy preparing for our SATs this term with lots of Maths, English and revision activites going on every day (not to mention one to ones!!!!).


Our Yearly Plan

Have a look at what we plan to learn this year.



Homework will be given to the children EVERY Thursday and we will expect it to be back in school by Monday morning.

Homework clinics are held every Friday at breaktime with Mr. Tracey for any children who are struggling with any of the homework set.


One to One

One to ones are in full swing.  Parents can help by asking their children about the work they have brought home and discussing the tasks set.


Getting ready for SATs

Here are some useful websites for you to use at home to help get you even more prepared for SATs:









To find other resources, just type in Year 6 SATs Revision into Google and follow the links.



Year 6 Team