Welcome to Year 4

Please click here to see an overview of our curriculum.

In the Spring term,  Year 4 will be concentrating on stories from other cultures as part of our English curriculum.  We will be reading and writing about the story of Cinderella taken from different countries.

Our Maths curriculum will cover fractions, area and co-ordinates.  We will also concentrate on learning our multiplication tables which we can use in all aspects of our Maths work.

Year 4 will be learning about The Incas in Creative Curriculum.  The Incas originated in South America and people still visit and explore the ruins there today.  We will be looking at Inca festivals, designing and making Inca masks and pan pipes.

In Science we will be studying Changing State.  We will be looking closely at the properties of solids, liquids and gases.  We will be experimenting and investigating with soluble and insoluble materials. Click here to see our investigation.

Year 4 have been on a visit to Knowsley Safari Park. Take a look at some of the animals they met that day. Knowsley Safari Park Trip